Furniture for all areas of different types of hotels including boutique hotels and spa resorts. In our showroom, we have furniture made out of a wide range of materials, colors and different finishes.
Choosing the most suitable furniture for a hotel is a daunting task. You need to know how to arrange the space, choose the right style, know how to control the cost and delivery deadline.

2005-2014 Public area – hotel lobby / restaurant furniture

hotel sofa - wholesale hotel lobby furniture

Hotel sofa / lobby furniture

restaurant dining furniture - henar suppliers

Hotel lobby / restaurant furniture

Fixture furniture - hotel ff&e - wooden door

Fixture furniture – hotel ff&e – wooden door

2014-2019 Hotel guestroom area – bedroom furniture

wholesale 5 star hotel furniture

Luxury furniture for Hilton hotel mock-up room

luxury hotel bedroom furniture

Plywood with Ash veneer finish bedroom furniture

Hilton luxury side table - henar furniture

Modern warm style – Nightstand

wholesale hotel furniture - henar suppliers

5 Star room furniture -Glossy rosewood

Gorgeous theme - luxury bedroom furniture - henar

5 Star bedroom furniture – Glossy rosewood

Glossy rosewood - hotel FF&E - henar hotel furniture suppliers

5 Star exective suite room – Cozy Living room furniture

Laminate furniture face finish furniture - henar

Modern 4 star hotel furniture – West point

modern 4 star hotel bedroom furniture

Hotel headboard furniture – 4 star hotel

Formica Laminate surface modern furniture - henar

Modern hotel furniture – Formica Laminate surface

china style hotel FF&E headboard - henar

High end furniture – Zen Culture Resort

chinese style bedroom furniture - henar

Best resort furniture – Peaceful theme

Zen Culture Resort furniture - henar

Best resort furniture – Durable structure – coffee table

chinese style hotel furniture for jw resort

New chinese style – hospitality furniture

wooden sofa for resort - henar suppliers

New chinese Resorts – sofitel

Plywood with oak veneer finish

Bedroom furniture – Plywood with oak veneer

wholesale hotel furniture - modern style

Golden Phoenix – Motel furniture

4 star hotel - henar furniture suppliers

4 star hotel furniture – TV cabinet

Lounge chair with ottoman - henar furniture

lounge sofa – Armchair & Ottoman

Twin-bed guestroom furniture - henar

Modern bedroom furniture – Twin-bed

Full-featured furniture - henar

Industry style hotel room furniture – wardrobe

Small space bedroom furniture - henar

Design for small space room furniture – leisure chair

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Wholesale best hotel furniture for hotel resort, get a beautiful furniture design

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