Project Description

Luxury hotel headboard furniture wholesale

Boutique hotels cost roughly 10 to 20 percent less than the larger branded properties; depending on the location and amenities offered. With boutique hotels, the guest will get more value for your money, with luxurious experiences at a lower cost.

  • Comfortable headboard
  • King-size bed base
  • Writing desk
  • Desk chair
  • TV unit
  • Luggage cabinet
  • Seating area

For a business trip, most of guests appreciated hotel with clean lines furniture, decorative stitching and coordinated coffee and end tables, with a sharp contemporary style.


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boutique hotel furniture wholesale

sample bedroom furniture for hotel – solid wood frame

comfortable hotel headboard furniture

luxury hotel headboard – wooden frame

botique hotel room headboard furniture

luggage cabinet – wooden chair – desk

When people stay in a hotel, they want to feel pampered. Hotels choose precise tailoring, and look for impeccable quality in upholstery so guests feel they’re receiving top-notch accommodations. How an object feels is as important as how it looks.

sample modern bedroom furniture

botique bedroom furniture

desk and luggage cabinet

modern bedroom sets


Every project has its own requirements and needs, and bedroom furniture needed to make sure that they are up to scale to the measurements of the rooms.

Size Customizeble

Size customizeble – furniture layout

Material selections

A wide range of materials

wooden surface

Colors and finishes options