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Island Resort Hotel Furniture Wholesale

This resorts located at Vanuatu-a country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, the climate is hot and rainy all year round.

Thanks to naturalism, local culture, and climate factors, we designed this resort tend to give off a sense of welcoming and natural.

  • The furniture design must be harmony between local culture and the natural environment.
  • The effects of humidity on furniture (warp, crack)
  • Mold and mildew growth in guests’ rooms is an serious issue
  • Easy caring and cleaning
  • Teak wood veneer finish

Island resorts furniture: Mold and mildew growth in guests’ rooms is a serious issue

M.V.Peart wrote an introduction to Hotel Mold/Moisture problems in Warm, Humid climates.

resort hotel design - henar furniture

We got the design ideas from COCONUT leaves

iririki sland resort - henar suppliers

Thanks letter from client

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FF&E fixed design shape - henar furniture china manufacturers
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headboard for island resort guestroom

hotel headboard for resort

best teak wood furniture for seaside hotel - henar

bedroom furniture for resort

resort patio furniture - henar

patio lounge chair for resort

hotel headboard for resort - henar
resort bedroom furniture - henar

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