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Hotel FF&E – resort furniture china suppliers

Usually, resort FF&E including loose furniture, Fixtures furnishings, and Equipment for each area of the Hotel: guest room, public areas (F&B; elevators, restrooms, hallways areas; conference areas; some administrative areas…).

What we can do:
Hotel reception table
Lobby sofa
Guestroom furniture
Restaurant table and chair
Furniture for bar
Hallway fixtures
Custom furniture and furnishings help elevate a hotel’s image and reputation while setting it apart from others within the industry.

Wyndham furniture supplier - china henar
Hotel FF&E - china henar furniture suppliers

hotel fixture furniture – hospitality resort ff&e suppliers

henar manufacturer: hotel FF&E suppliers

fixture furniture, outdoor sofa furniture

wooden resort FF&E ceiling fixture furniture - henar

modern fixture furniture – commercial lobby

lobby fixture hotel ff&E suppliers

bookcase – consloe table – outdoor sofa

pub FF&E budget of furniture - henar suppliers

bar table & bar chair

Wyndham hotel lobby furniture - henar manufacturers
china hotel FF&E new design - henar factory

Paying attention to creating the right atmosphere is important , especially lobby and Lounge.
You can rely on us to create comfortable stylish furnishings in which your guests can relax and enjoy a respite from their busy lives.
Take a look at the project we have worked on or take a look at the wide range of furniture we offer that includes sofas, lounge chairs, console tables and reception tables.

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    What we are doing?

    • Field measurements

    • Provide room layouts and elevations

    • 3D rendering

    • Value consultations

    • Installation

    • Door to door service

    • Strong production capacity


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