All hotel projects have a budget. From construction to final installation and inspection, every dollar is to be accounted for.

The average FF&E costs per hotel room (by scale) were:
  • $10,000 (or 9%) of the total cost per midscale room
  • $20,000 (or 11%) per upscale
  • $32,000 (or 9%) per upper-upscale
  • $101,000 (or 8%) per luxury room
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But how many percent of hotel construction costs should go to furniture?

Prices of hotel furniture vary greatly,  depending on what exactly you are buying, the size of the furniture, material choice, and quality level. But generally, Henar hotel furniture provides an entire bedroom set between $2,000 and $6,000. It all comes down to matching the right quality and style to your budget.
Where should you locate your hotel to appeal to the audience you want as guests? What niche are you trying to fill, so you’re in a competitive position?
Please create a profile of what your ideal guest looks like, and build your hotel around pleasing them and their interests.

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