Hotel furniture procurement guide – production timeline

How's the PRODUCTION TIMELINE OF HENAR HOTEL FURNITURE? Many clients care about it. Keeping the schedule will not only win you major PR points but will increase your overall ROI. A complete hotel project may take several months (or even years) to complete. But your furniture order-from order confirmation to delivery only takes about 8 weeks. Although there are always opportunities for delay and chance in practice, this timetable [...]

Notice: Infringed Hotel Furniture Supplier List

Over the years, Henar Hotel Furniture Co., Ltd. has won unanimous praise from customers for its reliable product quality and trustworthy service attitude. We recently found that the following companies are suspected of stealing our company name for marketing, Henar has gradually taken legal procedures to deal with this thing. Guangdong Chuanghong Furniture Co., Ltd Foshan Mingyuewan Hotel Furniture Co., Ltd Foshan Maple Green Furniture Co., Ltd Foshan Kaimei [...]

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How to designed the furniture fit a small hotel rooms?

Small space furniture for hotel is sacrificing space, not quality.  What was the hospitality owner thinking? Small space rooms equal more rooms for more revenue. A study by Harris Group found that 72% of travelers prefer to spend more money on experiences than on material things. The average hotel room size has decreased over the last few decades, from about 375 sq.Ft. To 325 sq. Ft. famed boutique hotelier [...]

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Mindfulness resorts will be your next luxury travel

In the past 20 years, luxury hotel experiences were defined by tangibles – for example, golden bathtubs, heavy curtains, elaborate silverware, and opulent rooms with soft carpet – but now, these things have become standardized across the hotel industry. Today, most of the traveler wants to reduce stress, finding a few moments of calm amid our increasingly harried days, to get to know themselves and make the next decision. [...]

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Why boutique hotels & furniture is increasingly popular among travelers

Boutique hotel (furniture) offer many of the same amenities that more prominent chain hotels. The most significant difference is to bring customers the luxuries of what is provided at chains hotel but in a more intimate environment. Generally speaking, boutique hotels cost roughly 10 to 20 percent less than the more significant branded properties, depending on the location and amenities offered. With boutique hotels, the guest will get more value [...]

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Best Furniture For Hotels — Nature and Serenity is the future trends of luxury hotels design

For today's traveler, mind and body relaxing is their first choice. According to Pinterest trend researches, “+248% more people than last year have searched for “mindfulness” decor in the home decor category.” Which is telling that more and more people want their living environment (be it at home and while traveling) to be a place of nature and serenity. Get design inspired by the hospitality projects we have [...]

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Island resort furniture: Mold and mildew growth in guests’ rooms is a serious issue

The white sandy beaches, coral reefs, gorgeous sunsets, and fantastic island resort (furniture) hotel is what my expectation vacation. Until mid-2004, there were 49 island countries in the world. Most of these countries are hot and rainy all year round. Many poor reviews of hotels on TripAdvisor on account of smelly rooms and visible signs of mold. M.V.Peart wrote an introduction to Hotel Mold/Moisture problems in Warm, [...]

Factors that affect hotel furniture price

Please send me your catalog and hotel furniture price list. Did you send this message to the manufacturer at the beginning time? Before you set your expectations, there’re a few things that must consider first- each affects the price. Room interiors and furniture design Size of Hotel furniture Furniture materials 1. Room interiors and furniture design In today’s vastly competitive market, it [...]

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Budget the right amount of money to buy hotel furniture

All hotel projects have a budget. From construction to final installation and inspection, every dollar is to be accounted for. The average FF&E costs per hotel room (by scale) were: $10,000 (or 9%) of the total cost per midscale room $20,000 (or 11%) per upscale $32,000 (or 9%) per upper-upscale $101,000 (or 8%) per luxury room But how many percent of hotel construction costs should go [...]

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How to create a hotel room than any guest will appreciate?

A well-designed guestroom will appreciate your guests welcoming and comfortable. It is to serve as a quick reference guide, outlining basic common sense of how to create your hotel room that any guest will appreciate. Perfect ambiance Right hotel furniture Soft Bedding Ample lighting Luggage bench Comfortable Seat Technology Trends Bring your designs to life luxury hotel room furniture Perfect ambiance Whether your hotel [...]

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