For today’s traveler, mind and body relaxing is their first choice.

According to Pinterest trend researches, “+248% more people than last year have searched for “mindfulness” decor in the home decor category.” Which is telling that more and more people want their living environment (be it at home and while traveling) to be a place of nature and serenity.

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The beauty of the south Yangtze River is the best view under heaven. The lake is like a mirror reflecting the boat arch, quieter than the sky, laying in the houseboat, looking at the stars to sleep, how amazing is it.

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As a hotel guestroom, the boathouse also has a unique living experience. 50m2 of space, the stern becomes entrance porch and bathroom. A big sky-windows at the middle acts, there’s a king-size bed under it.

The birds are flying, the clouds are moving, the stars are blinking, wholly immersed in the tranquility of nature.

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The structure system is not only the requirement of the site environment but also the continuation of the same origin as a traditional pontoon boat.
The structural elements are prefabricated by the factory and assembled on site. The main body supported by steel pipe piles inserted into the mud at the bottom of the lake. The site construction without wet work and no dust, clean, simple and efficient, it is the best way to protect the ecological environment.

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Your furnishings are a reflection of your establishment. You want these pieces to match your style and be just as distinct and memorable as your hotel.
Henar hotel furniture manufacturer with years of experience designing and building quality hospitality furniture, we can help ensure your furnishings are in keeping with the Image you wish to portray.